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Olympic Victory for Maher Abu Rmilah

Posted by on Monday, 30 July, 2012

Maher Abu Rmilah, picured with his wife and three children at his home in Jerusalem

OLYMPIC VICTORY For Palestinian Athlete Maher Abu Rmilah!

This morning at about 10:30 AM Irish time, as the first rounds of eliminations were beginning to take place, Maher Abu Rmilah was prepared to make history for Palestine. Rmilah would be going up against Dirk van Tichelt Of Belgium in the Men’s -73kg Elimination round of 32.

As the time approached, the two men stepped onto the mat and the competition began. Rmilah gave it his all, but sadly Van Tichelt won the match on points. Of course the BBC in it’s ever present bias, did not cover Rmilah’s bout, nor did they even give a glimpse of Rmilah’s fight, but instead focused on the 2nd mat where an israeli was competing.

I find the odds quite surprising (and maybe a bit suspicious) that at the same time the very first Palestinian to qualify on merit is fighting his bout on the 1st mat, there just happens to be an israeli also competing at the very same time, in the very same event on the 2nd mat and that’s the one that gets televised by the BBC. Well, are we shocked?

Never mind though, because take heart, Maher Abu Rmilah has actually won!! Yes that’s right! And here’s why; One of his goals was to show the world that Palestine is a country, and he has done that. But he has also won an even greater battle which can be clearly seen in the photo we posted below.

There!! Did you see it? Go on, have another look!!

Yes, that’s right, it clearly says
“Jerusalem, PLE (Palestine)”

And that is what appears on the official website covering the Olympic Athletes. This is a clear statement to the world that Jerusalem is part of Palestine,that Maher is Palestinian, born in Jerusalem, Palestine!!

Before the competition he said: I’m very happy I will be going as an ambassador for the Palestinian people. I will be carrying the Palestinian flag. It means a lot to us.” I hope to do well, but it is enough for us to be able to tell the whole world that we Palestinians exist”.

And he has done this and much more!!

He came from HERE:


Jerusalem, PALESTINE exists!

He has shown this to the world

THIS is Maher’s victory!!!


NOTE Team Palestine next round of olympic competition will take place on Friday with swimmer Sabine Hazboun. She will race in the fourth Heat in Lane 6. She is one of the favorites to win her heat and her qualifying time puts her within reach of advancing to the semifinals later that day. She is the youngest member of this year’s Palestinian Olympic team. Check back here for updates.