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DERRY- September 13th “To Move a Wall and Free a Village” Iyad Burnat Speaking on Bil’in’s Struggle

Posted by on Friday, 28 August, 2015
Iyad Burnat arrested 28/8/15 at Weekly Protest in Bil'in

Iyad Burnat arrested 28/8/15 at Weekly Protest in Bil’in

Photos by Hamdi AbuRahma-Palestine

Organised by Irish Friends of Palestine “To Move a Wall and Free a Village”Iyad Burnat’s Firsthand Report of Bil’in’s Non-Violent Struggle to Exist and Resist Israeli Apartheid Occupation

EVERYONE WELCOME to an evening with our main speaker from Palestine, Iyad Burnat, leader of the “Bil’in Popular Committee against the Wall” which has held weekly non-violent demonstrations since 2005. Burnat is also the head of “Friends of Freedom and Justice in Bil’in” an organisation that hopes to build links with people around the world. Iyad is the brother of Emad Burnat who co-produced the film “5 Broken Cameras.” Iyad played the central character in the documentary. The film was nominated for an Academy Award in Hollywood and also won the Sundance Film Festival Award in 2012. Iyad himself has won several awards for his non-violent resistance, the most recent being the James Lawson Award for Achievement in the Practice of Nonviolent Conflict June of 2015.

Iyad says “The belief in one’s rights is more important than anything else. If I am confident about my rights, nothing will make me despair…When you resist an Israeli soldier by peaceful means, their weapons become irrelevant.”

Bil’in is a Palestinian village that is literally struggling to exist.

The village is surrounded by illegal settlements built on land that belongs to Bil’in and it’s people. The Matityahu settlement, the Kiryat Sefer settlement, and the most recent Matityahu East settlement. Then in 2004 construction of the Apartheid wall began on the Western side of Bil’in. This caused 2300 dunums of Bil’in’s land to be stolen to construct the wall in order to “protect the illegal settlers.” The Apartheid Wall cuts off and suffocates the village of Bil’in.

This is the story of a village that refuses to quietly disappear, this is the story of people who peacefully resist the illegal occupation alongside Israeli Peace activists and International Palestinian Solidarity Activists from around the world. Bil’in residents peacefully demonstrate every Friday in front of the “work-site of shame” AKA the Apartheid Wall. The Israeli army responds to these peaceful protests with physical and psychological violence. Iyad’s oldest son Majd, was shot and seriously injured by Israeli Occupation Forces in 2014, he is still suffering from that injury and will need rehabilitation for some time. In 2009 Iyad himself was seriously injured on the march along with several others and in 2011 he was shot and injured by rubber-coated steel bullets.

The Friday protests by the people of Bil’in, and widespread international support, have managed to achieve the recognition of the Israel High Court, which recently ruled that the route of the Apartheid Wall in the village is illegal and must be changed.

Nevertheless, every day Israel destroys a bit more of Bil’in. But the people of Bil’in will not surrender the struggle for their land, their homes, and their very lives. Come and learn what we can all do to help. Iyad will tell the first hand account of Bil’in’s continuing struggle, the land lost, the lives lost and injured, and the weekly Friday protests to move a wall, and save a village.

Supporting Speakers:

REPORT: Martina Anderson MEP who is the current Chair of the the European Union’s Delegation for relations with the Palestinian Legislative Council. She will give an update on what’s taking place within the EU on Palestine and the preferential trade agreement with Israel. What work the GUE/NGL are doing to help recognise a Palestinian state.

REPORT: Liam Gallagher Chair of (DTUC) Derry Trade Union Council will speak on behalf of DTUC and (TUFP) Trade Union Friends of Palestine about the work they and their members are doing in support of Palestine and the BDS movement.


7:00PM – 8:00PM Speakers

8:00PM – Audience Question and Answer Session

The evening ends with a Screening of “5 Broken Cameras”


One Year Anniversary of Operation Protective Edge Genocide On Gaza- Derry Protest and Solidarity Rally

Posted by on Tuesday, 7 July, 2015

protest gerry speaking POSTER

Photos by Sean Mc Monagle

Irish Friends of Palestine Coordinator Gerry MacLochlainn Speaking

protest gerry

Daisy Mules-Derry Trade Union Council-Speaking

daisy mules derry trade unions

Catherine Hutton Palestine Solidarity Activist-Speaking

catherine hutton large

Jo Bird Jewish Voice for Peace Ireland-Speaker

jvp speaker large

Folks Attending Rally

Caolin McGinley OSF Event Organiser

protest gerry 4

crowd at protest best

crowd at protest

protest gerry 2

protest gerry 3

#BDS VICTORY-Carey Academy Cancels Apartheid Feis

Posted by on Monday, 8 June, 2015


A collective effort was made by activists across Ireland and Irish Activists in England, operating under the collective name of The Ireland Palestine Activists Collective (IPAC) an umbrella group of Activists. Our Carey Academy “Dont Dance for Apartheid” Facebook page can be found HERE. Irish Friends of Palestine was proud to have participated in this collective action and ultimate victory!!

Speaking today Sinead MacLochlainn, Chairperson, Irish Friends of Palestine said “It was great to see such solidarity among Irish activists who worked together online to help stop the abuse of our Irish Culture being used as Hasbara by Israelis. And here in Derry it was an honor to work on this campaign alongside a fellow Derry woman and Activist, Catherine Hutton” Ms.MacLlochlainn continued “We cannot “Greenwash” Apartheid and indeed we have been asked directly by Palestinians who are at the forefront of resisting this illegal Occupation to do what we can to support them. So it is with great pleasure we can all announce today that the Feis has now been cancelled!!”

clrg post thsi one1

clrg use this one 2



Activists in England organised a protest outside the Carey Academy on 6th June, you can see that video here:

The Politics of Reconstruction: Gaza, the EU, and Palestinian Governance

Posted by on Wednesday, 27 May, 2015
Chaired by the EU DPLC Chair Martina Anderson MEP Sinn Fein Brussels EU Parliament meeting organised by EUROPAL and Irish Friends of Palestine

The Politics of Reconstruction: Gaza, the EU, and Palestinian Governance facilitated and Chaired by the EU DPLC Chair Martina Anderson MEP Sinn Fein, co-organised by Europal and Irish Friends of Palestine

The Politics of Reconstruction: Gaza, the EU, and Palestinian Governance facilitated and Chaired by the EU DPLC Chair Martina Anderson MEP Sinn Fein, co-organised by Europal and Irish Friends of Palestine :

Martina Anderson MEP  chairs meeting

Martina Anderson MEP chairs meeting

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson, current EU Chairperson of the DPLC Delegation for relations with the Palestinian Legislative Council, has said her party will continue to support wider recognition of Palestinian statehood.

Speaking at the EuroPal Forum seminar on The Politics of Reconstruction: Gaza, the EU, and Palestinian Governance, which took place at the European parliament this Tuesday 26th May, along with the chairman of ECCP Mr Pierre Galand and Hamas lawyer in the European court Ms Liliane Glock.

in attendance Mohammed Hamdan of EUROPAL and Gerry MacLochlainn Irish Friends of Palestine

in attendance Mohammed Hamdan of EUROPAL and Gerry MacLochlainn Irish Friends of Palestine

Ms Anderson said; “In November 2014 the European Parliament debated the recognition of Palestine and then passed a joint motion the following month.

“That was part of a broader worldwide trend towards the recognition of Palestine which saw similar motions in Ireland, Britain, Sweden, Spain, France, Portugal and elsewhere.

“These motions are hugely important as the EU itself cannot recognise Palestine, it can only express support.

“The European Parliament motion was, however, a disappointment in our view, as it made recognition of Palestine conditional on a successful agreement with Israel.

“Recognition should not be conditional on anything. In fact, recognition would give Palestine additional leverage in any negotiations with the Israelis.

“We will continue to call on all member states to recognise Palestinian statehood to give further support to the Palestinian people and assist the peace process in the region.”

The Politics of Reconstruction: Gaza, the EU, and Palestinian Governance facilitated by, and Chaired by Martina Anderson MEP co-organised by Europal and Irish Friends of Palestine

The Politics of Reconstruction: Gaza, the EU, and Palestinian Governance facilitated by, and Chaired by Martina Anderson MEP co-organised by Europal and Irish Friends of Palestine

Others in attendance were Irish Friends of Palestine Coordinator and event co-organiser Gerry MacLochlainn, Mohammed Hamdan of EuroPal, Khaled Walid of Europal.

Irish Friends of Palestine to Speak at Palestinian Revolutionary Event

Posted by on Thursday, 25 September, 2014

Irish Friends of Palestine will be taking part in the Tricontinental Anti-Imperialist Platform Event this weekend in London. Seating is first come first served so get there early! An amazing array of guest speakers in the lineup, Leila Khaled, George Galloway MP, political activist Ghada Al-Najjar from Gaza, Fouad Shaat, Sami Ramadani, and many many more!! This is the pro-resistance solidarity event for Gaza and Palestine, the event will celebrate the Palestinian Revolution, explore its challenges, and there will live link up from Gaza, plus slide shows, music and poetry. The event will be this Sunday at the Flyover, 3-5 Thorpe Close, London W10 5XL, Ladbroke Grove from 2:30PM to 6:00PM. Get there early to not be disappointed as there is limited seating. Find the event on Facebook HERE and details can also be found on the Irish Friends of Palestine Facebook page HERE

Speakers list:

Leila Khaled
– Legendary Palestinian revolutionary, PFLP Polit Buro member and Palestinian National Council representative. Khaled was born in Haifa, British Palestine. Khaled’s family fled to Lebanon during the 1948 Palestinian exodus, leaving her father behind. At the age of 15, following in the footsteps of her brother, she joined the pan-Arab Nationalist Movement. The Palestinian branch of this movement later became the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Khaled is wary of the Arab-Israeli peace process. According to her,

“It’s not a peace process. It’s a political process where the balance of forces is for the Israelis and not for us. They have all the cards to play with and the Palestinians have nothing to depend on, especially when the PLO is not united.

In 2005 she was a speaker at the Féile an Phobail in Belfast via video link.

Gerry MacLochlainn
– from Irish Friends of Palestine, Via Wikipedia: a Former Irish Prisoner of War in England, former Sinn Fein councillor in Derry who co-led the ECESG convoy, which was the 2nd convoy into Gaza after Operation Cast Led in 2009. The convoy delivered 25 ambulances and tons of medical aid along with hospital equipment. A strong supporter of the Palestinian cause, MacLochlainn was one of the leaders of the campaign against the Israeli embargo of Gaza. In 2009 he proposed and gained acceptance of a city policy of a boycott of Israeli goods until an end to the embargo.

George Galloway MP
– the Respect Party Member of Parliament (MP) for Bradford West. Galloway is a campaigner who supports the Palestinian side of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, taking an anti-Zionist stance, and was involved in the Viva Palestina aid convoys to Gaza.

Dr Saeb Sha’ath
– Former head of the Palestine General Delegation to Ireland , author and Palestinian political activist. Dr Shaath spoke at the GAZA SPEAKS event we organised in 2010 you can learn more about him at our Gaza event link HERE

Ghada Al-Najjar
– Palestinian in Gaza, political activist and Gaza-wide relief worker

Fouad Shaat
– President of General Union of Palestinian Students in Britain

Shadia Mansour
– Palestinian singer and musician her website can be found HERE Mansour began rapping in 2003 and has gained recognition in the Middle East, Europe and the United States for her own songs and collaborations with other artists. She performs wearing a traditional Palestinian thawb and has said that she considers herself to be part of a “musical intifada” against the occupation of Palestine

– Dr Abdal Aziz
– Libyan Al-Jud Charity

Sami Ramadani
– Steering committee member of Stop the War Coalition

George Shire
– Veteran of the Zimbabwean struggle against white settler colonalism, and independent radical scholar

Brother Omawale
– Pan-African Community Society Forum

Malia Bouattia
– President of NUS Black Students

Carlos Martinez
– Invent the Future and Tricontinental Anti-Imperialist Platform

Marcel Cartier
– Tricontinental Anti-Imperialist Platform

Chaired by Sukant Chandan
– Tricontinental Anti-Imperialist Platform

More speakers and artists etc to be announced.

Entry is £5 on the door. Capacity is approx 120 people, first come first serve. Sharp start for no later than 3pm.

This event is organised by the Tricontinental Anti-Imperialist Platform and Invent the Future

Palestinian and Israeli Academics Launch Boycott Campaign Ireland

Posted by on Thursday, 20 February, 2014

Ghada Karmi, a Palestinian academic at the University of Exeter and Haim Bresheeth, an Israeli academic at SOAS, London jointly launched the Irish Academic Boycott of Israel. Speaking in Queen’s University Belfast today, Ghada and Haim jointly called on Irish academics to support the campaign for an academic boycott of Israeli. They launched a booklet called Academia Against Apartheid that explains the case for an academic boycott of Israel. The booklet is available as a pdf from the Centre for Global Education. 130 Irish academics have already supported the boycott.

Debka Comes to Derry~Lajee Center From Aida Refugee Camp

Posted by on Friday, 28 June, 2013

Lajee in Derry

Photos by Rik Walton

Irish Friends of Palestine members meet with Lajee performers and artists from Aida Refugee Camp in Palestine. The 15 members of Lajee Center arrived in Derry earlier this week to perform at the Playhouse. The group is touring Ireland as part of an Arts & Cultural Tour.

IFOP Member Gerry MacLochlainn welcomes Lajee to Derry

Photos by Rik Walton

In an exciting and engaging programme of events, the dancers performed the traditional Dabka dancing for the Derry Audience. There was also and exhibit of their award-winning photography work depicting life in Occupied Palestine, plus a screening of films by the group and discussions about all aspects of the Palestinian case. Building on the success of last year’s tour, Lajee has organised a diverse and educational programme which is representative of Palestinian culture and life, and an insight into the work and activities of Lajee Center. The tour members are young active artists and dancers aged between 15 to 20 years old, with four coordinators and speakers.

Video and Photo displays

“RESIST to EXIST” by the Lajee centre’s Media project coordinator & award winning photographer and filmmaker Mohammad Al-Azza. His powerful work illustrates life through demonstration direct from within Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem.

Photos by Rik Walton

The exhibition will be at the Playhouse all day Tuesday 25th and at 7.00 the main Derry event takes place which will include a short film and an amazing performance by the youth of Dabkeh, traditional Palestinian dance.


Lajee Center (‘lajee’ means ‘refugee’ in Arabic), was established in Aida Refugee Camp in April 2000 by a group of 11 young people from the Camp who wanted to serve the community. Lajee is a community-based grassroots creative cultural centre that works with new generations of Palestinians as they continue their ongoing struggle for justice and rights for Palestine and all Palestinians.

The centre began as a dream for its creators who worked intensively and with true Palestinian ‘sumoud’ (steadfastness) in order to make that dream become a reality. By April 2001, Lajee had rented its first premises, a former garage measuring 70 square metres that was to be Lajee’s base until 2009. In the same month Lajee was registered with the Ministry of NGO Affairs of the Palestinian National Authority.

The main aim of the centre is to provide refugee youth with cultural, educational, social and developmental opportunities. Its programs are designed in response to the particular needs of the community and the skills and abilities of its members, whilst always remaining in full support and defense of all Palestinian rights.

Lajee has built links with several local and international organisations which assist the center in conducting its activities. Local organisations include a network of active centres in Palestinian refugee camps that was established through Lajee’s ‘OUR VOICE’ project who are working collectively and creatively towards joint goals of freedom and justice, BADIL Resource Centre for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society, the Refugee Service Affairs Committee, and several other Palestinian organisations and NGO’s. Internationally, Lajee has the working support of many organisations including the Mennonite Central Committee, HOPING Foundation, The Pontificial Mission, the Belgian Technical Cooperation, and Broederlijk Delen amongst many others.

Over and above Lajee’s relationships with organisations, the centre’s work and development would not have been possible without the incredible support we have received from many friends around the world. Individual people have, since the Lajee dream was born, stood by the centre through support of our work and goals in terms of solidarity, project development, and in several cases through financial backing. All these people to date, and all future friends, support our belief in grassroots people-to-people tangible and internationalist solidarity.

Lajee organises cultural, social, and artistic activities for youth in the Bethlehem area. While our activities are based in Aida Camp, we also have active members from Dheisheh and Al-Azza Refugee Camps, and the cities of Bethlehem, Beit Jala, Beit Sahour, and Ad-Doha. Members range in age from young children of 4 years up to youth in their twenties. We continuously strive to open our projects up to new members from Aida Camp and the surrounding areas and expand our volunteer base.

The Center aims to develop social and rights-based awareness in refugee youth although our work is not exclusive to refugees; our projects and activities are open to all Palestinians. It structures and implements its activities in such a way as to eliminate all forms of discrimination against social class or gender. Activities are organised with the goal of fostering in the participants a wider understanding of the world in which they live, focusing on issues relating specifically to their own society, culture and history, as well as the global context. Our hope is to develop the social awareness of members, deepen their education, and provide them with the critical skills necessary for them to take on an active role in their society.

Lajee seeks to encourage and enhance the talents of members by supporting and fostering their cultural, artistic and rights-based development through our programs. We believe that by providing the new generations with developmental opportunities, we will give them the motivation and the skills necessary to pursue their interests and vocations through their future. All the Center’s activities aim to provide members with a key to their future and a conviction that they are the makers of their own future.

All our activities are organised by supportive members of the community, and our programs depend entirely on the voluntary efforts of our members, with some support from related institutions and interested individuals. Our full-time volunteers include several who have grown with Lajee since they themselves were child members and who know run projects and activities with the next generation.

enjoy more photos from their visit to Derry:

Photos by Rik Walton

Remembering the Mavi Marmara by Supporting the Gaza Ark

Posted by on Friday, 31 May, 2013
Irish Friends of Palestine vigil at Derry's Guildhall Square after attack on Freedom Flotilla & Mavi Marmara

Irish Friends of Palestine vigil at Derry's Guildhall Square after attack on Freedom Flotilla & Mavi Marmara

On the Anniversary of the Mavi Marmara Massacre, Irish Friends of Palestine remember the day when armed military Israeli commandos repelled from choppers onto the deck of a humanitarian aid ship in International waters and proceeded to murder 9 civilians [8 Turks and 1 American.]

We had many friends on board the Freedom Flotilla, several of them were injured during the attack. Afterwards we then became heavily involved with the 2nd Freedom Flotilla. IFOP members Phil McCullough, John Mallon, Charlie McMenamin and Gerry MacLochlainn all were involved in the 2nd Flotilla in Turkey during the sabotage of the MV Saoirse. Later Phil and John went on to sail on the MV Saoirse after the repairs. The boat was ultimately boarded by the Israelis and it’s passengers arrested and taken to Ashdod where they were jailed for a week and given a ten year ban on entering israel. IFOP member Sinead MacLochlainn the former Chair of the now defunct Irish Ship to Gaza Campaign said

“ Today, 3 years on from the attack on the Mavi Marmara and 2 flotillas later, the maritime siege on Gaza continues. Irish Friends of Palestine believe the best way to remember those who died trying to break the siege is to support the new GazaArk project which is run by Palestinians from inside Gaza. You can find them on Facebook HERE and their website can be found HERE, you can order goods HERE. The GazaArk is about trade, not aid, and the organisers are asking internationals to purchase goods from inside Gaza which will be loaded onto the GazaArk which will then set sail from the Gaza seaport to a destination where the goods can then be shipped on to the buyers.” she continued; “During our recent visit with Col Ann Wright of the Free Gaza Movement and Gaza Ark, she discussed with us it’s mission. We also took her to Stormont where she was able to deliver a report on the Gaza Ark to politicians from several Political Parties. Irish Friends of Palestine have promised to work together with others to make a purchase of goods in order to support the Ark. We would ask others to consider supporting the GazaArk, today on the anniversary of the Mavi Marmara, what better way to honour those who first tried to break the siege.”

The night of the 31st of May 2010, this report was filed from Al Jazeera’s Jamal Elshayyal on board the Mavi Marmara. He sent the report just before all communications were cut by the Israeli commandos who were nearing the ship and beginning to board it by repelling down from choppers. The memories come flooding back as in the video you can hear the chaos and live firing of weapons form the commandos as they hit the deck of the Mavi Marmara.

From its studio, Aljazeera later reported the following:

“Israeli forces have attacked aid ships attempting to break the blockade of Gaza. Commandos lowered themselves from helicopters and onto the Mavi Marmara – the lead ship in a flotilla of six vessels which are carrying humanitarian aid for the Palestinian territory.Israeli Army Radio said up to 16 people may have been killed in the operation.”

In Ireland, several of our members were up all night following the tweets and messages from people on the Mavi and the other Ships taking part in the Freedom Flotilla. We had friends on several boats including the Mavi Marmara, the 2 Irish boats and the ECESG ship. There were some media reports of up to 16-30 dead at one point! We were horrified at what we were witnessing, a military attack on an aid ship in international waters by a roque armed state! The following morning at 11AM we posted this to our members and supporters:

“We have been up all night following this and watching the live feed from the Turkish Humanitarian ship. Late last night Irish time, about 1AM the flotilla began to be surrounded by Israeli Gunboats while they were in International Waters 100 miles out! later they backed off, but just before dawn our time they returned, reportedly dropping armed commandos onto the ship. You could clearly see them live on the streaming feed from the boat. They the attacked the civilians on the boat, killing between 10-25, some reports say up to 30. Israel has called a news blackout, but videos and reports are emerging anyway.
Irish/Derry Friends of Palestine will be calling a protest and vigil TODAY (at the Guildhall) in solidarity actions with others across the world.”

The city came out in huge numbers to attend the vigil/protest we had quickly organised that morning in order to remember the victims and to show our disgust at the actions of the rogue state of israel.

crowd gathering

Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness spotted in the crowd

IFOP Member and Photographer Charlie Mcmenamin

People Gathering for the Vigil

Sinead Mac Lochlainn-Chair, (Derry) Irish friends of Palestine

Eamonn McCann of the Derry Anti War Coalition in attendance

Goretti Horgan-Derry Anti War Coalition/Raytheon Women

Irish Friends of Palestine vigil at Derry's Guildhall Square after attack on Freedom Flotilla & Mavi Marmara

Irish Friends of Palestine vigil at Derry's Guildhall Square after attack on Freedom Flotilla & Mavi Marmara

Col Ann Wright Public Meeting

Posted by on Saturday, 18 May, 2013

Col Ann Wright will be visiting Belfast this week. Ann is an internationally renowned Peace Activist since her resignation in protest at the US invasion of Iraq. During her visit to Belfast, Irish Friends of Palestine will be facilitating meetings with Ann to address MLA’s in Stormont and on Monday evening she will be speaking at a public meeting at Cultúrlann McAdam Ó Fiaich (upstairs) at 216 Falls Road, Belfast at 6:30PM everyone welcome! Subjects discussed will be the new joint Palestinian initiative called the Gaza Ark, US Foreign Policy, NATO, and the use of military Drones. During her stay in Belfast she will also be addressing a conference of International Women Nobel Laureates


Ann Wright is former United States Army colonel and former U.S. State Department official. Known for her resignation and outspoken opposition to the Iraq War, and the non-closure of Guantanamo, the use of Military Drones and her support for Palestine and lifting the siege on Gaza.


During her Military Career as an Army colonel she received the State Department Award for Heroism in 1997 after helping to evacuate several thousand people during the civil war in Sierra Leone. She is most famous for being one of three US State Department officials to publicly resign from the Bush Administation in direct protest of the 2003 Invasion of Iraq. Wright submitted her resignation letter to then U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell on March 19, 2003, the day before the onset of the 2003 Invasion of Iraq. Her letter was published on the internet the following day. In her resignation letter, Wright listed four reasons she could no longer work for the U.S. government under the Bush administration:

• The decision to invade Iraq without the blessing of the U.N. Security Council
• The “lack of effort” in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process
• The “lack of policy” in regard to North Korea
• The curtailment of civil liberties within the United States.

Over the course of her State Department career, Wright served as Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. embassies in Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Micronesia and Mongolia, and also served at U.S. embassies in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Grenada, and Nicaragua.

NATO, US Foreign Policy and Military Drones. Ann is an outspoken worldwide activist against the use of drones . She has travelled the world speaking out against US and NATO foreign policy, the non-closure of Guantanamo, the use of torture, and the deadly use of US and NATO Military drones which are killing hundreds of civilians. At a recent meeting in Dublin she said “I would urge the citizens of Ireland to really push back on this attempt to get Ireland as a part of the Nato forces. We have seen what has happened in Afghanistan and the numbers of Afghans that have been killed in by military operations,”


Wright was also a member of US boat to Gaza and a passenger on the Challenger 1 which along with the Mavi Marmara, was part of the Gaza Freedom flotilla that was attacked by Israel ending with 9 passengers dead. She has given testimony on the attack in Turkey. She is a board member of the Free Gaza Movement and is currently involved in the new exciting reverse flotilla sailing out from Gaza, called the “Gaza Ark” which is a joint Palestinian initiative.

Media Inquires please email

Palestinian Fishermen Stage Nautical Protest

Posted by on Tuesday, 9 April, 2013

Dr Jamal Al-Khodari the head of the Committee for Lifting the Siege on Gaza, alongside members of the Fishermen's Union at Protest

Palestinian fishermen have taken part in a nautical protest against the restrictions placed on them by Israel. Hundreds of fishermen and activists took part in the demonstration which saw boats stretching hundreds of metres out to sea.

Although the international norm for territorial waters is 12 nautical miles, Israel imposed a three mile limit on Palestinian fishermen as part of its siege and blockade of the Gaza Strip. That limit was supposed to have been eased to six miles as part of the ceasefire agreement between Israel and the Palestinian government in Gaza after the Israelis’ offensive against the territory in November. The new reduction back to three miles was imposed after claims that a rocket was fired from Gaza during Barack Obama’s visit to Israel last month.

Speaking after the demonstration, the head of the Committee for Lifting the Siege on Gaza, Dr Jamal Al-Khodari, accused Israel of violating international human rights conventions with its siege, which amounts to collective punishment on the civilian population. “And that,” he added, “is a crime against humanity.”

Israel has arrested 44 fishermen and seized eight vessels since signing the ceasefire agreement in November.

Dr Al-Khodari noted that Israel has arrested 44 fishermen and seized eight vessels since signing the ceasefire agreement in November.

MEMO Photographer: Mohammed Asad

Irish Friends of Palestine Delegation November 2012 held meetings with Fishermen in Gaza and also met with their Union leaders. flowing from those meetings we have set up a working group to supoport the fishermen. We have now taken a report from these fishermen directly to the Irish Government. A successful cross party briefing to the Irish Parliament was held last month by Irish Friends of Palestine Delegates. Read about the briefing HERE

Irish Friends of Palestine will continue to work for the rights of fishermen in Gaza.