URGENT~Help Needed to Fund Fiberglassing of Gaza’s Ark

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Dear Friends and Supporters a message from Gaza’s Ark:

Now that we have purchased Gaza’s Ark, the work is under way: fixing, refurbishing and converting it to a cargo boat.

Thanks for all of the contributions we have received from you, without which we would have never managed to reach this stage.

As you may have seen in recently published photos (below) the cleaning up and sanding was the first phase of work.

Sanding begins on the Ark

Sanding the outside of the Ark

Sanding completed on the Deck

Now we need to apply a layer of fiberglass to the body to protect, strengthen and waterproof it.

Fiberglass started but we need URGENT funding to complete the job!!

To complete the fiberglassing it will cost approximately $4,000 in materials and an estimated 200 hours of work (another $4,000)

We hope that 2 generous donors can contribute $4,000 each to cover the cost of the fiberglassing. Please remember that the money you donate to the Ark will not only be a challenge to the blockade, it will also create work for Palestinians in Gaza, an area with severe unemployment, and help sustain the marine industry there which is suffering under the illegal Israeli blockade.

If you cannot contribute the full cost of material or labour then please consider contributing half of it, or a quarter of it.

* Details of other major items needed for Gaza’s Ark in the coming weeks can be found here:

Thank you for supporting Gaza’s Ark!

In solidarity,
Gaza’s Ark Steering Committee
PLEASE VISIT THE GAZA ARK AT http://www.gazaark.org/

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