Gaza Fishermen Demand Return of Boats

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Gaza Fishermen Protest Flotilla ask for return of stolen boats

Report from Gaza Sea Port on the Demonstration by Muhammed Kabariti represeting Gaza Ark, please visit them HERE, photos from Gaza Freedom Flotilla Australia (facebook) HERE

On the 3rd of March at 11 a.m a demonstration which joined the Union of Agricultural Workers Committees, Palestinian Fishermen and International Action for Palestine took place.

This demonstration was held for the fishers to demand their rights which were robbed by the Israeli occupation forces, They want to break the siege , to end the occupation and to regain about 36 boats which were stolen by the Israel forces.

Flotilla to protest stolen boats-Gaza Port

Flotilla to protest stolen boats-Gaza Port

This morning, over 50 Palestinian boats sailed form a flotilla demonstration at the Gaza port towards “Beit Lahiya area “in the Northern area of the strip with activists and members of the media on board. They tried to ensure their rights and insist on their steadfastness in challenging the ongoing Illegal Israeli attacks, then they returned to the boarder after continual sailing for an hour.

Mohammed El Bakri from the Union of Agricultural Workers Committee who help organise the Demonstration

Zakaria Baker, the head of the Union of Agricultural Workers Committees, 41 years old, said that we have been suffering from the ongoing Israeli attacks since 2006, Israel carried out various kinds of injustice and oppression against the Fishermen by shooting their boats . Israel uses modern weapons against the Palestinian fishermen. Israel tried to stop the freedom of movement for the fishermen in Gaza. Today, we want to focus the world’s attention and Media on the Palestinian miserable situation, our message is that Palestinians will insist on their rights to live freely, the Palestinian people will stay at their lands until the last stone.

Jad Osman Baker, a fisherman, 35 years old, has 5 sons, the oldest one one is 10 years old. Jad said as a fisherman who has been working for 20 years, I faced multiple attacks by the Israeli occupation. He said One day I went to the sea for fishing at 8 a.m., I saw an Isareli gunboat approaching me. When the Israeli boat got close to me, It started shooting on my boat, then they wanted me to sail with no cloths, then they took the boat for Ashdood port inside Israel. The boat is still stolen by them. Finally, he said, all we want is to fish freely with no Israeli restrictions .

Madleen Kulab the Gaza Strip's only fisherwoman take aprt in the Flotilla Protest

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