Ireland to Host ‘Palestine 1948’ Meeting with Former Prisoners

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A delegation coordinated by our Partners at UFree Network and the Irish Friends of Palestine, will host the ‘Palestine 1948’ Delegation in Derry and Belfast this weekend. The delegation has arrived in Ireland to attend meetings that will take place on Sunday and Monday. The delegation is expected to meet with politicians, media outlets and human rights organisations to discuss the release of Palestinians in ‘Palestine 1948’ from Israeli jails.

The delegation is comprised of two organisations from ‘Palestine 1948’ known as “Israeli Arabs” the Palestinians that live inside ‘Israel’. Delegates include Journalists, lawyers and Human Rights Activists from Meezn Centre for Human Rights and Yousef Al Sedeeq Institute for Prisoners Protection.

On Sunday, the delegation will visit Derry where they will meet the Sinn Fein Mayor of Derry, Mr Kevin Campbell who was a former Irish political prisoner; and then meet a number of organisations including Tar Abhaile (organisation of former prisoners) who will facilitate discussions with a group of former Irish Political Prisoners.

Meetings will continue on Monday in Belfast, with a discussion on the role of Coiste Na nIarchimi (the umbrella organisation for the Republican ex-prisoner network across Ireland) in assisting former prisoners. The delegates will also meet a number of former Irish political prisoners who are now elected political leaders. Later they will hold a discussion with former prisoner Jim Gibney to talk about the Irish Hunger Strike Campaign in 1981.

The delegation will then move on to London, where a number of meetings have been prepared with solidarity and activism organisations.

According to Khaled Waleed, UFree Network operations coordinator, the delegation’s tour will be a chance to look at the Irish experience in British jails. They also hope to learn some lessons in lobbying and mobilising to defend the rights of Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails.

It is worth mentioning that ‘Israel’ is jailing 87 Palestinians from ‘Palestine 1948’. Those prisoners are exposed to torture and discrimination at the hands of ‘Israeli Prisoner Authorities’. Some of them have spent long periods in these jails while others are sentenced to several life sentences.

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