Freedom & Friendship Delegation 11-2012-Report Back

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Children in Gaza Greeting Irish Delegation

The following list contains the majority of meetings undertaken by members of the most recent Freedom & Friendship Delegation to Gaza during the month of November 2012 immediately after the Israeli attack on Gaza. Over the coming weeks we will post individual reports on these meetings and or discussions, along with photos and videos. We will finish up by reporting on our future work flowing from these meetings in Gaza which will be undertaken in 2013 and beyond.

Tour/Visit/Meetings with Minister of Local Government

Meeting, discussions and presentation with Minister Mohammed J. Al –Farra
Tour Civil Affairs Building destroyed by Israel, this building housed visa applications, births, deaths marriages etc.
Tour Al Jazeera Club where disabled atheletes train, building and facilities destroyed by Israel
Tour Yarmouk Football Stadium destroyed by Israel
Report on Waste Management situation which is DIRE!

Ministry of Education and Higher Education

Deliver Gift and letter of friendship from our Minister of Education John O’Dowd to Gaza Minister of Education Mr Osama A. El Mozini
Presentation and Meetings with Minister of Education Dr. Osama A. El Mozini to discuss fact finding mission on Educational situation in Gaza after invasion and IFOP’s school twinning program with Ministry of Education Gaza.
UNWRA school destroyed by Israel
Umm El-Khura Girls Primary School hit by missiles
Abasan Girls Primary School-IFOP Twinning Program

Official Governmental Meetings

Visit PLC with other International delegations for panel discussions regarding the International Campaign for Releasing the Abducted members of Parliament. Report on the Israeli violations against the MP’s of the Palestinian Legislative Council.
Audience, presentation and meeting with Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyah.

Khan Younis Municipality Meetings and Visits

Letter of friendship from Mayor of Derry Kevin Campbell to new Mayor of Khan Younis Mr. Yahya M. El Astal-Meetings and discussions with Mayor and Hazem Al Farra, Head of International Relations Dept Khan Younis Municipality.
Tour of Khan Younis city, Refugee Camps, Police Station, schools and NGO’s; Emaar and Basma Centre.
Discussion of the strong ties between Derry and Khan Younis sister cities.

Ministry of Detainees and Ex-Detainees

Meetings and discussions of future projects with Dr. Attallah Abu AlSebah Ministry of Detainees Affairs Jerusalem and Refugees, and other Ministry of Detainee Representatives
Conference on Prisoners
Meeting former Prisoners and Families of Prisoners
Rally for Prisoners and Families
Individual Cases of importance

Gaza Fishermen Association

Tour and Fact Finding Mission
Presentation to Gaza Fishermen Association
Meetings with Gaza Fishermen.

House of Wisdom

Received by Dr.Ahmed Yousef and Maphaz Yousef of HOW. Meetings held at HOW with a cross section of representatives of both Governmental and Civil Society including representatives of all Political parties and views. Open discussion on what can be done and proposed future IFOP work with HOW

Other Meetings and Visits

CEPR ( Council for European Palestinian Relations)- Ramzy Hassouna, Gaza
Lunch with Mr. Sameeah Al Haddad-from Al Haddad Brothers Co. Ltd.
Visit Al Dalou family and home. The Al Dalou family lost 10 members including 4 children during the recent attacks by when their home was hit by missiles.
OCHA meeting on current humanitarian situation

IFOP Aid Campaigns

Ibrahim’s Dream-New Electric Scooter purchase
Warm Hearts Campaign Delivering Children’s Winter hats and scarves
Basma Smile Centre and Ethar donation
Teddy Bears for Gaza Campaign
Finger Puppets for PTSD Therapy after recent Israeli invasion



Gaza Schools by Clr David Bell a teacher “Determination in the Face of Israeli Brutality – The Children of Gaza”

Fishermen by Clr Pat Fitzgerald “Report Fishing In Gaza~Life and Death”



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