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13 Irish men and women from Belfast, Derry, Waterford and Kilkenny, will be delegates on the 2nd Freedom & Friendship Delegation to Gaza. Irish Friends of Palestine will be fulfilling our promises made during the 1st Delegation in March 2012 and we are returning with 6 Fishermen who will meet with Gazan fishermen and also with the Ministry of Agriculture to discuss the brutal conditions the fishermen operate under. We also have Teachers and Youth Workers on the delegation who will meet with the Ministry of Education and various schools and NGO’s to arrange work and links between Gaza and Ireland. For more about our program go HERE. You can follow our delegation by joining our Facebook page HERE

We currently have 3 projects we are working on for this trip. We need your help and support:

1. Ibrahim’s Dream CLICK HERE

2. Basma “SMILE” Center CLICK HERE

3. Crafting for Gaza Kids CLICK HERE

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